We used to live in two different cities, far away from each other,

We would talk to each other everyday

We would talk, how amazing it would feel when we would be with each other….

Finally, we decided to meet…

We met in this beautiful city ” Mumbai”

We went to the coast side from one corner of the city to the other

Its connected by the “Bandra-Worli-Sea-link”

Its a long drive with a magnificent sea on both sides…..

This is the bridge at the dawn


At the end of the sea-link is a rocky beach where vendors were selling tea, wafers, flowers. There are couples, kids, families or people who have just come for their walk.

As the night arrives one can see the magnificence of this place, the beauty that it is.


From there on, whenever we met, we would go to this place.

A bridge that connects love……………………………………………….



via Photo Challenge: Delta

This picture was taken at Bandra, Mumbai, India. This is next to the Arabian sea. One can observe the lacuna between the rocks filled with sea water forming a triangular zone. The delta slowly has become the habitat for growth of a new flora and fauna.

Look at the dynamics between the crow and the guy offering it some corn….






I realized today that I had to bring certain changes in myself, in my behavior. In the past, several times this thought had embarked upon me, but as soon as things around me got better I would forget this concept. We may reach a point in life when we are kind of on our own. I think most of us have faced such a situation in life. Not all of us are privileged with the presence of a supportive family or a family to fall back upon. Sometimes we have to take things into our hands to deal with the stress of our lives. There is constant pressure all around us, the pressure from society, work, people. So, it struck me I had to make changes within myself to bring happiness into my life and be able to sustain it. I have to be very strong inside and not sad strong, I have to be happy strong , so that I am prepared for everything. Its not that there is anything wrong with my life presently. I have almost everything. But there are times of crisis where I have a breakdown. I feel I should be strong enough on my own to manage such situations. Believe me, peace of mind is the happiest feeling. It’s feeling at home with oneself.  I would like to come home to myself. So, from today I start with my spiritual journey.  I went through a few videos today.